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well... fuck.
~ Saturday, April 27 ~

some of the best advice i can give: download every single song ever recorded by andrew bird and put them all on your ipod and then go to sleep and wake up in the morning and start it at the first song and make yourself a pot of coffee and put coconut creamer in it until it is sweet and yummy, then just do whatever you do and listen to all the songs all morning and you will have a magical day and your thoughts will be magical and meaningful and you will notice more pretty things

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  1. gracelikeleaves said: hey that sounds an awful lot like my morning routine and i was wondering you’re not a stalker are you because if you are then you might as well come in for a cup of coffee
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  3. tranquilatranquila said: I woke up feeling crappy and sad today, and then after I read this I was like, why not, I love Andrew Bird and I haven’t listened to him in a while, AND NOW I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Thanks :)
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